MSI Releases N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition in Portugal

The new N580GTX Lighting XE comes equipped with a new Propeller Blade fan with “Smart Temp Sensor” and “Dust Removal” technologies as well as support for Afterburner’s latest “Triple Temp Monitor” feature. The new technologies and comprehensive product lines on display are a testament to MSI’s leadership in the graphics card market and our continual spirit of innovation.

N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition – The Most Powerful Graphic Card on the Planet
For Xtreme overclocking enthusiasts, the MSI Lightning series has always been the graphics card to die for. The N580GTX Lighting Xtreme Edition, which is being shown for the very first time at Computex this year, not only comes with a massive 3GB of graphics memory, but also incorporates Propeller Blade fans featuring two new technologies (Smart Temp Sensor and Dust Removal) and Twin Frozr III cooling. The new graphic card also supports Afterburner’s latest Triple Temp Monitor technology. The N580GTX Lighting Xtreme Edition’s combination of Power4 Architecture power supply and extreme overclocking design features unique to the Lightning series leave it the undisputed king of single-GPU graphic cards!

Revolutionary Fan Design with Smart Temp Sensor and Dust Removal Technology
MSI continues to develop industry-leading cooling solutions to meet the needs of graphic card enthusiasts, and two new revolutionary fan technologies will be on display at Computex 2011 this year:
Smart Temp Sensor: When temperatures exceed 45 degrees, the special coating on the fan will change from blue to white to warn users that the system might be running too hot and remind them to check the system’s cooling status.
Dust Removal: When the system is turned on, the graphics card fan will rotate in the opposite direction for 30 seconds. By running in reverse, the fan helps to remove dust from the heatsink fins to ensure optimal cooling every time.

Triple Temp Monitor:New World-Leading Afterburner Feature
MSI’s proprietary Afterburner utility is the industry’s most comprehensive and most powerful professional graphics card overclocking utility and has many fans in the media as well as followers among overclocking enthusiasts. This year’s Computex will be used to showcase the latest feature added to Afterburner: Triple Temp Monitor for GPU/Memory/MOSFET.1 Using temperature sensor chips on the graphic card, Afterburner’s monitoring window can display the GPU, memory, and power supply module temperatures in real-time. This not only enables the user to monitor the graphic card’s operation, but also to check system temperatures in order to make improvements to the system’s overall cooling strategy for smoother operation.

Recomemded street price is € 579,20.