Peacekeeper tests any browser, any device, any OS – try it with iPhone 4S

With the iPhone 4S launching today, we would like to introduce you to the latest version of Peacekeeper, our universal browser speed test.

Why? Because the question on many of your readers’ lips today is “How does the performance of iPhone 4S compare to iPhone 4 and other smartphones and devices?”

Running Peacekeeper is a great way to answer that question as a device’s browser performance is strongly linked to the power of its CPU.

We first launched Peacekeeper way back in March 2009 as a free tool for measuring the performance of different browsers on desktop PCs. Two years and more than 1.6 million results later, we have rebuilt Peacekeeper to offer an easy and accurate way to compare browsers on any Internet capable device, from desktops and notebooks, to tablets and smartphones.

Whether at home or on the go, people turn to the web for an ever-increasing range of activities, covering everything from entertainment and socializing to shopping and productivity. Many websites, such as social networks, video sharing communities, webmail and other cloud-based services, place a heavy load on the web browser. For people who use these sites a lot, choosing a browser or a mobile device with better performance can make visiting those sites more pleasant, with less waiting for pages to load and display correctly. Peacekeeper makes that choice easier than ever.

For devices where the user can choose which browser to use, such as desktop PCs and notebooks, Peacekeeper offers an easy way to compare browsers directly to see which one is the fastest. Chrome has long held the title of fastest browser on Windows based PCs, but Opera is steadily closing the gap, and It may surprise you to see that IE9 outperforms Firefox 7.

Browsers ranked by performance on a Windows PC with Intel i7-2600K processor
(higher scores are better)

1. Chrome 14.0.835.202 – Peacekeeper score 4382
2. Opera 11.51 – Peacekeeper score 4190
3. Internet Explorer 9.0 – Peacekeeper score 2503
4. Firefox 7.0.1 – Peacekeeper score 2456
5. Safari 5.0.5 – Peacekeeper score 1744

For devices where the user cannot change the browser, for example some smartphones and tablets, Peacekeeper offers a straightforward way to compare the performance between competing devices.

Popular devices ranked by browser performance
(higher scores are better)

1. Apple iPad 2 (iOS 5) – Peacekeeper score 372
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Peacekeeper score 350
3. Acer Iconia W500 – Peacekeeper score 345
4. Samsung Galaxy S – Peacekeeper score 275
5. Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 5) – Peacekeeper score 197

Peacekeeper scores are in operations per second or rendered frames per second depending on the test. When browser X scores twice as much as browser Y it means that for a given test either:
– X ran twice as many operations as Y in the same time period
– Or X ran the test in half the time as Y
– Or X rendered the test with twice the frame rate of Y

In plain language, by choosing a browser or device with a high Peacekeeper score you are ensuring a faster and smoother web experience within the limits of your internet connection speed.

We invite you to try the new Peacekeeper today. It is free to use, and you don’t have to register. In fact, all you need to do is to press one button. Try it now!

The new version of Peacekeeper is nearing the end of its beta period and we welcome your feedback. If you are curious to know more about Peacekeeper, check out the FAQ http://peacekeeper.futuremark.com/faq.action or, if your question isn’t answered, feel free to get in touch with us through [email protected] any time.