Spire Kepler series universal DH-HP cpu coolers

The Spire all new Kepler universal micro-processor cooler series are direct contact heat-pipe solutions for Core i3/i5 and i7 from Intel and the AMD AM2/3/FM1 micro-processors. There are three (3) different models ranging from two up to four 6mm sinter powder heat-pipes which are in direct contact with the cpu heat-source, dissipating heat effectively and fast.

The high density fins are crowned with a powerful fan for high airflow and great cooling performance. The 92mm dc fan provides ample airflow and silent cooling at 19.0dBA. Compatibility is ensured with the multi-platform mounting clip for Intel 775/1155/1556 sockets and AM2/AM3/FM1 micro-processors. The Kepler series from Spire are build to deliver great cooling for maximum system performance.

Main Features:
* Up to Four 6mm all copper heat-pipes
* Heat-pipe direct CPU contact
* 50 high density dimpled fins
* Silent 92x25mm DC fan
* S420 Thermal compound included
* Secure & Tool-free installation
* 3 year manufacturer limited warranty

The Kepler series are compatible with ATX and MICRO ATX platforms, Intel socket 775/1155/1156 &1366 sockets as well as AMD socket AM2/AM3/FM1 main-board sockets.

1. Kepler USD 19.95 / EURO 14.99
2. Kepler II USD 25.95 / EURO 18.99
3. Kepler Pro USD 38.95 / EURO 27.99

Product Includes:
*Multi-language Owner’s manual *Starts-420 White thermal grease injection tube * Installation bracket and clip.

The Kepler cpu cooler series are now available from our factory in Shenzhen, China. Distribution throughout our branch locations will commence end October. For more information or ordering, please Contact us, or feel free to give our branches a call.