Silicon Power

Perfect combination of high speed and massive capacity SP/Silicon Power launches 64GB SDXC UHS-I Class10 memory card

Taipei, Taiwan, January 17, 2012 –In order to respond to the surged market demand of USB3.0 transmission rate and multimedia file storage, leading memory storage brand, SP/Silicon Power today announces the launch the 64GB SDXC UHS-I Class10 memory card that fits the standard specifications of SD3.0.  In addition to its massive capacity, it delivers the read speed of 60 MB/sec and super fast write speed of 35MB/sec making it the perfect combination of high speed and large storage capacity.

SDXC UHS-I 64GB Class10 memory card brings absolutely the best of the transmission speed; it is very suitable for audio-visual professions for taking snapshots or continuous video recordings. HD photos, original RAW file or Full HD video can be easily stored. SDXC UHS-I 64GB Class10 adopts the most updated exFAT format and breaks the highest capacity limit of 4GB for a  single file which avoids the occurrence of lag.

SP 64GB SDXC UHS-I Class10 memory card meets the regulation and transmission standard of SD association and comes with excellent compatibility that fully supports all kinds of digital storage devices complied with the association’s specification.  Every SP memory card product comes with a lifetime warranty and post-sale service.

Features of 64GB SDXC UHS-I Class10 Flash memory card

– High transmission performance: 60MB read performance per second and 35MB write action per second.
– Excellent compatibility and stability
– Supports Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM)
– Security level complies with Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI)
– Compliant with RoHS requirement
– Durability: 10,000 insertions
– Lifetime Warranty