Antec Announces the TrueQuiet Pro 120 Fan

A Revolutionary Fan with Excellent Cooling and Low Noise

Berlin, Germany, 21 March 2012 – Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components announces the TrueQuiet™ Pro 120 enclosure fan.

The TrueQuiet Pro 120 combines a completely redesigned fan blade with special Quiet Computing™ features to deliver high airflow with minimal noise.

Revolutionary Fan Blade – The fan blade of the TrueQuiet Pro 120 is a departure from traditional axial fan blade designs; it is attached to the frame, forming a type of cylindrical turbine. This design provides the fan with a greater cooling surface area, while eliminating turbulence associated with traditional fan blades that “chop” the air by the frame.

Flexible Quiet Computing™ – The TrueQuiet Pro 120 keeps noise at a minimum due to its built-in silicone grommets and tool-less silicone mounting pins. Additionally, the TrueQuiet Pro 120’s convenient two-speed control switch allows users to choose between 600 RPM silent operation and 1200 RPM high performance cooling.

User-Friendly Installation – Equipped with tool-less mounting pins, the TrueQuiet Pro 120 installs easily into nearly any 120 mm fan mount. A 3-pin to Molex adapter is also included to accommodate users who do not have 3-pin motherboard connections.

“The TrueQuiet Pro 120 is a revolution in powerful, yet silent PC cooling” says Mafalda Cogliani, Global Marketing Director at Antec. “Its unique design provides an airflow-to-noise that competitors will be hard-pressed to match.”