ASRock COMPUTEX 2012: Live Report

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 6th, 2011 – The COMPUTEX 2012 officially kicked off in Taipei, Taiwan on June 5th. ASRock showcased an array of latest motherboard products as well as ultra-thin HTPC series that brings impeccable home entertainment experience. Besides stunning product display, ASRock also held a series of stage programs such as overclocking show that featured world-class overclocker Nick Shih and SuicidePhoenix, and the gaming show that featured professional e-sports athletes from Taiwan E-sports League (TeSL).


ASRock eeps moving forward and “Keep Leading”

The world champion overclocker Nick Shih and German No.1 overclocker SuicidePhoenix operated 3DMark05 test with Z77 OC Formula, the first overclocking-specialized motherboard developed by Nick Shih. This is also the debut of Z77 OC Formula. With its serious compute power, Z77 OC Formula enabled Nick Shih and SuicidePhoenix overclock Intel Core i7 3770K processor in low temperature with great stability which stunned the on-site audience. The striking OC performance successfully drove the pass-by attention and brought a lot of traffic to ASRock booth.  

 Visitors gathered at ASRock s booth for OC Show 1

Visitors gathered at ASRock s booth for OC Show 2

Visitors gathered at ASRock’s booth for OC Show

Another eye-catching event at ASRock booth is the gaming show by TeSL professional e-sports athletes: Jojo from XPEC Ironman Team versus Nifi from Wayi Spider Team. The two professional gamers played StarCraftII against each other and the best-of-three won. After three intense games, Jojo knocked Nifi down by winning the first and the last game. The once-tie situation keyed up the audience and pulled more people to ASRock booth for the gaming results. 


Taiwan e-Sports [email protected] ASRock Booth

In addition to the overwhelming stage events, ASRock showcased several new products at booth.

Motherboard Emperor X79 Extreme11 

Motherboard Emperor : X79 Extreme11

 The Record breaking OC Machine  Z77 OC Formula

The Record-breaking OC Machine : Z77 OC Formula

World s 1st 4 Channel Thunderbolt Mobo Z77 Extreme6 TB4 

World’s 1st 4-Channel Thunderbolt Mobo: Z77 Extreme6/TB4


ASRock new HTPC series: VisionX, Vision HT, MINI Series


The stage events will be held on a daily basis during COMPUTEX, please visit ASRock booth at L1029A, 4F Nangang Hall.  


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