ASRock First To Pass Windows 8 Motherboard Certification

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 11, 2012 – Global Top3 motherboard player, ASRock Inc., today excited to announce that it is the first motherboard manufacturer passed Windows® 8 hardware certification in the world. With the outstanding R&D capability, ASRock motherboard is hardware ready to support the newest operation system Windows® 8, delivering a safest and most convenient computing environment to their users.

Windows 8 Certified



ASRock is the real winner in Windows® 8 competition, which claims the title for the logo submission. “As a leader in mobo industry, it’s our mission to bring the most fresh tech kit to users.” said James Lee, ASRock V.P. of Sales and Marketing. “Starting at ASRock motherboard, any ignoramus was able to reach every aspect of hardware. Users were able to select the right motherboard for their requirements.”


With the perfect-organized mobo package, ASRock is the first motherboard brand that introduced Windows® 8 to the consumer market successfully.

ASRock’s objective behind this Windows® 8 honor is to offer first-rate integrated support to users. The company is keen on being the first to bring the top-class tech stuffs. ASRock offerings are the best in the overall market. So, why settle for second best? ASRock is always here whenever you need us.

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