GIGABYTE Rolls Out New Gaming Gear, Aivia Krypton Gaming Mouse with 8200 dpi Laser Sensor

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Offers perfect customization and comfort for ALL GAMERS!

Taipei, Taiwan, 16th October, 2012 — GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium gaming hardware company, is pleased to launch a very new Aivia gaming gear for hardcore gamers all around the world, Aivia Krypton Dual-chassis Gaming Mouse. GIGABYTE Aivia’s marvelous designs have been honored with the world’s best-known prestigious awards recently, such as iF award for Aivia M8600 macro gaming mouse and red dot award for Aivia K8100 macro gaming keyboard.

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The new gaming mouse, Aivia Krypton, equipped with dual bases to switch between two performances, gamers can choose Speed Base which made by ceramic mouse feet or Control Base made by Teflon mouse feet for the best game play in different hardcore games. Furthermore, Aivia Krypton also supports customized center of gravity. With overall weight-location, Aivia Krypton can let you find personal perfect center of gravity by adjusting different weights for the optimal weigh and balance. Aivia Krypton is equipped with the top of line laser sensor, supports up to 8200dpi resolution and 150ips tracking speed! On-board GHOST™ Engine supports massive macros and easy-to-use drag-and-drop software with smart macro manager.

Hot-swappable Mouse Chassis

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Aivia Krypton with dual mouse chassis design gives gamers unparalleled freedom by changing fundamental mouse movement and dynamics to best fit the application at hand

Control Chassis

The Control Chassis utilizes an ultra smooth Teflon foundation which ensures precision movements for maximum control.

Speed Chassis

The Speed Chassis features an abrasion-free ceramic foundation focused on quick movements, immediate reaction, and extraordinary speed.

Exclusive Weight Tuning System

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Customizable Center of Gravity
The revolutionary weight distribution system allows user to adjust the center of gravity for maximum control and flexibility.

Premium design weight adjustment case
1.8g and 5.3g weights allow gamers to adjust to the optimal weight and balance. Gamers can increase the weight from 1.8g to 39g with 35 weight adjustable combinations.

Maximize the performance of your Krypton with Krypton Mat!

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To maximum the performance while gaming, GIGABYTE designs a brilliant companion for Aivia Krypton named Aivia Krypton Mat. This dual-sided mouse pad was developed simultaneously with Krypton gaming mouse. It features two distinctive surfaces to fit all type games.