ASRock’s Z87M OC Formula Has Already Broken the World Record with a DDR3 Memory Module Running at 4095MHz

Z87M OC Formula_K_ZWAME

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 1, 2013 – Yesteryear, we’ve seen the OC Formula motherboard and its overclocking grandeur as it broke multiple world records and scooped aplenty awards. Well, just now ASRock has revealed the next generation Z87M OC Formula, and it seems as this one is born to be even faster. Nick Shih, the master of overclocking and his friend John Lam from HKEPC OC has already broke a world record by overclocking a single Team Group – Xtreem-LV-2666 DDR3 4G memory module to an unearthly 4095MHz on the new motherboard!



Nick Shih and John Lam overclocking a Team Group DDR3 memory module to run at 4095MHz on ASRock’s Z87M OC Formula!


ASRock’s next gen OC Formula Series inherits lots of its predecessor’s features, including the Power Kit, Connector Kit, Cooling Kit, and now it also surpasses its predecessor by owning the new Monitor Kit and 8 Series exclusive technologies, code named A-Style. Packed with Home Cloud, Purity Sound™, HDMI-In, tons of Nick Shih’s secret overclocking profiles and a whole lot more, overclockers will find the new OC Formula Series motherboards their best choice for pushing extremes.

Check this link to learn more about A-Style: