ASRock X79 Overclock ‘KING’ Motherboard Broke 3DMark 11 World Record!

TAIPEI, Taiwan, February 20, 2012 — The global leading motherboard brand ASRock today announced the winner list of the 2012 Global OC Competition, partnered with Futuremark®and sponsored by Intel, Kingston, Cooler Master, Sparkle and ROCCAT. The final champion of Sandy Bridge-E event goes to Montenegro overclocker Perica_barii while the Croatia overclocker Quake won the title of Sandy Bridge event final champion.

Incredibly, Perica_barii from Montenegro achieved a 3DMark 11 performance preset score of P12773 with ASRock X79 Extreme4 Motherboard, Intel Corei7 3930K and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580, and set   the official world record of 3DMark 11 single GPU score. The former record holder SuidePhoenix also made a breakthrough on his own score to P12529 with ASRock X79 Extreme6, Intel Corei7 3930K and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580, which came on the top in the final week of the competition. Moreover, in Futuremark’s official 3DMark 11 Physics score Hall of Fame, 3 out of the top 20 results were from this contest.

The competition which ran from January 16 to February 12, 2012 attracted approximately 100,000 entries  worldwide that made the competition was extremely intense. With 22 entries scoring exceeding P10,000 on 3DMark11 test from the competition and myriads of  positive reviews from the global  media, ASRock X79 and Z68 series is widely regarded as motherboards of high reliability and excellent performance.

Sandy Bridge-E Champion System Specifications:

ASRock X79 Extreme4,

Intel Corei7 3930K

Sandy Bridge Champion System Specifications:

ASRock P67 Performance,

Intel Core i7‐2600K


Winner List:

Overall Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Sandy Bridge-E Perica_barii Lucky_n00b giorgioprimo Milentije SuicidePhoenix
P12773 P11484 P11866 P11712 P12529
Sandy Bridge Quake Dekara cische trut_bar Coldest
P12474 P12251 P12179 P12096 P11375

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